Sunday, 6 July 2014

Best Bargain Buys from the Summer Sales You Cannot Miss ☀

Hello lovely ladies, I hope you have been enjoying the sunshine over the weekend! It is that time of year again...the SUMMER SALES and is the perfect time to be snapping up a bargain. Now is the perfect time as you can wear your new wardrobe favourite over the next few weeks (I mean who can turn down a bargain?!). As I was browsing through town and online I noticed many bargains that you cannot miss, here are some of my favourites...
1. The Elmgrove Dress (Was £49.50 Now £34)
2. Cork Platforms (Was £99 Now £49.50)
3. Womens Short Onesie (Was £29.95 Now £14.95)
4. Collins Jacket (Was £149 Now £74)
5. Edie Round Sunglsses (Was £60 Now £35)
6. Garden Birds Bowling Bag (Was £65 Now £32.50)
7. Holiday Poppy Full Dress (Was £125 Now £62.50)
8. Fluro Pansy Printed Trouser (Was £40 Now £25)
9. Summer Jacquard Full Skirt (Was £38 Now £20)
What item do you like best? What is your best summer bargain?

Thursday, 3 July 2014

Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan Review

Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan Review
As lots of you may is WEDDING SEASON! I love nothing more than going to a wedding, dressing up and having a good old party. However, my skin is still in winter mode and is a ghostly shade of pale (not an attractive look for me I am afraid...I look seriously ill). I love nothing more than having a healthy glow to my skin without all the associated risks with the sun. You will probably already know from previous posts that I am a true believer of fake tanning products so I was very excited when I heard about Cocoa Brown. When asking Twitter pals for a tanning recommendation this brand came up lots and I was very excited to jump on the band waggon and try it for myself. I was toying with paying up to £25 for a professional spray tan but when I noticed Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan on Superdrug's shelves for £6.99 with a 1/3 off I could not resist. The bottle is very eye catching and comes in my favourite colour...PINK! You can buy Cocoa brown in a number of shades and varieties including wash off. I was intrigued to try the 1 hour version as it would be so easy to apply before a night out without having to worry about the odd drinks spillage!  I am also someone who normally has to apply a few coats of tan to build up the shade I desire so I was interested to see if this product lived up to its claims.

Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan Review
What does it say on the tin:
For beautifully bronzed, radiant skin in just one hour. Now in a DARK version for ladies who want an ultra-bronzed look! New Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN DARK is the latest innovative self-tanning product from Marissa Carter, developed as a direct result of customer demand for a darker version of the best-selling 1 HOUR TAN. Cocoa Brown 1 HOUR TAN DARK needs just one application and is perfect for: Olive-skinned ladies who like a dark chocolate tan, medium toned ladies who want to experiment with a more bronzed glow and pale-skinned ladies who often need multiple layers of tan to get any colour at all!
Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan Review
How to use 1 HOUR TAN DARK:
How it works: Prepare skin for tan by exfoliating with Cocoa Brown TOUGH STUFF in the days leading up to your tan application and moisturising with CHOCOLATE WHIP Oil-Free Body Moisturiser. The luxurious mousse formulation glides over skin, leaving the signature Cocoa Brown Tahitian Gardenia fragrance without the old-school fake tan pong! Cocoa Brown is a light-weight, fast drying, non-sticky mousse giving rapid streak free results. No need to sleep in your tan and ruin your sheets! Accelerating ingredients helps it to develop quickly and depending on how dark you would like to be, can be showered off after: Bronze: 1 HOUR Chocolate: 2 HOURS Intense: 3 HOURS.
Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan Review
After Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan
The verdict:
Application: I must say this is easily the best fake tan I have ever applied. It literally glided onto my skin with my tanning mitt and soaked in quickly without leaving a nasty residue. Even my boyfriend, who will be embarrassed I am writing this, commented on how easy it was to apply to my back. I was left with no patches or streaks and was feeling confident about leaving it on overnight.
Results: The product claims that you can have a dark tan in an hour but I wasn't ready to wash it off after this time as I didn't feel the colour was deep enough for me. I decided to leave the product on overnight and woke up in the morning with the normal tan on the sheets...ooops. I was a little shocked my by hands and feet but I think this was my fault for not paying enough attention to these areas. After a shower, I was very impressed with the colour, the shade was literally the perfect match to how my skin tans in the sun (and to my relief my hands and feet looked 100x better!). Lots of my friends commented on how great the colour looked and I did feel wonderful! The only downside, and I am not sure if this is just me, but it made my really sweaty which was very strange (I am not normally a sweaty person).
Smell: Sorry Cocoa Brown, although when first applied it smelt lovely, after a whole night it did pong. I don't think any brand is going to beat this problem.
1 Week Later: The product stayed in place incredibly well and the product was still on my skin after a week. I had to scrub my skin like mad to remove the colour so I was very impressed with the staying power! I will 100% be re-applying!
Have you tried Cocoa Brown Dark 1 Hour Tan? What do you think?

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Ciate Caviar Mini Manicure Ferris Wheel Review

Ciate Caviar Mini Manicure Ferris Wheel Review
Firstly, I would like to say welcome back! I have had a mini break from blogging over the last week due to feeling shattered! Work is really taking its toll at this time of year and I couldn't face lifting my laptop screen to type. goes my next review! I love a good freebie and I was very excited to receive Ciate Caviar Mini Manicure in Ferris Wheel alongside my monthly Marie Claire magazine. If you are a regular reader of my blog you will know that I love nail polish but weirdly I have never tried caviar varieties despite seeing them for a long time now. Ciate have a range of caviar nail polishes and currently have a beautiful beach house collection. You can buy a full size bottle with caviar for £18 or the Caviar Mini Bar Vol.2 for £20. This set includes Snow Virgin, Fun fair, Ferris Wheel and Mistress alongside a range of beautiful caviar mixtures.
What does it say on the tin:
Welcome to the colourful world of Ciaté! Charlotte Knight, founder and Creative Director of Ciaté London, hand mixed four Caviar blends especially for this updated version of our much loved Caviar Mini Bar. The super cute mini Paint Pots enclosed perfectly complement each Caviar blend – you can mix up your look and create sixteen combinations, shake up your nail colour wardrobe!
Ciate Caviar Mini Manicure Ferris Wheel Review
The verdict:
When first applying the nail polish it was very thin and I found it hard to cover the whole of my nail, however, after the second coat the colour was more solid. I loved the pale pastel blue shade and it is perfect for the summer months! After the second coat I quickly sprinkled over the caviar on one feature nail on each hand. The caviar stuck well after being lightly being pressed down but I think I need to find a better way of applying to ensure I don't waste so much next time! Once everything was in place I popped on a clear topcoat to provide maximum wear without chipping (who wants chipped nails...not me!). The next day I was bombarded with positive comments about my nails and even the boys in my class noticed! A week later my nail polish is still in place and looking great which I am very impressed with. Despite my initial disappointment with the coverage I will definitely be investing in more sets and colours.

Ciate Caviar Mini Manicure Ferris Wheel Review
Ciate Caviar Mini Manicure Ferris Wheel*

Have you tried Ciate Caviar? What do you think? Have you found any dupes?


Wednesday, 25 June 2014

My Favourite Summer Perfume Scents ☀

Summer is finally here and there is nothing better than having the perfect sunshine scent to match your maxi dress and flip flops. I love the range of cute bottles and pretty fragrances that have taken over the beauty stores at the moment. Here are my favourite picks...
5. Always Pretty (£42)
Have you tried any of these fragrances? What is your favourite summer scent?

Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Schwarzkopf got2b Happy Hour 24 Hour Hairspray Review

Over the last few months I have reviewed a number of hairsprays, from Schwarzkopf got2b Rise 'n Shine Hairspray to Fudge Urban Iced Raspberry & Vanilla Hair Spray. I have loved many different aspects of these products including the scent, hold and volume. However, I love trying new products and when my latest bottle of spray ran dry, it was time to go on a drug store beauty haul to find an alternative (any excuse). I was drawn to Schwarzkopf got2b Happy Hour 24 Hour Hairspray for two reasons- it had 'new' on the label and currently it has a 1/3 off the price (bargain alert!). The spray is priced at £2.71 for 300ml and is packaged beautifully in a blue and purple spray can.
My hair style loses shape quickly so I require a strong freeze hold to keep my locks in place all day long. The disadvantage of using products that have my desired hold is that they dry my hair and stick strands together. Therefore, I was excited that this product claimed to hold a style in place all day long and couldn't wait to try it!
What does it say on the tin?
It's got to be got2b! Do you want a stunning style that lasts? Then got2b happy hour 24 hour hairspray will be your ultimate partner. Give your unique style the long-lasting hold you desire from morning until night - make your hair work as hard as you do!
How to Use:
Hold can 30cm away from head and spray your style evenly for 24 hour hold. Use in short bursts. For a unique, individual style that lasts, spray selected strands of hair.
The verdict:
The scent from this hairspray was nothing to write home about, however, it didn't smell unpleasant so I was happy to spray it onto my locks. As instructed, I used short, sharp bursts and applied generously all over my straight and volumised style. The product distributed evenly and didn't weigh down my hair, I was impressed that it didn't make my hair look sticky or clumped together. For the first few hours after application my style remained in place, even in a light wind and with a few drops of drizzle. However, at the end of the day my style was completely flat and my parting was all over the place. The product was easy to brush out and my hair was soft but I am afraid I wasn't too impressed with the hold, especially as it claims an 'all day hold'. I will probably use the rest of the tin but will not repurchase, I am convinced there are better products on the market.
Have you tried any hair spray products from Schwarzkopf? What is your verdict? What spray would you recommend for a lasting hold that doesn't dry?

Monday, 23 June 2014

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Compact Foundation Review

Over the last few months I have been happily wearing Estee Lauder Double Wear and Bourjois Healthy Mix but I always like to try out new products to test them for competition. I have never worn MAC foundation before, so I was excited to try MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Compact Foundation, especially as the brand have such a good reputation for their base makeup. The foundation is priced at £25 and is available in 17 shades. I was matched to NW30 which is a few shades darker than my normal foundations, however, the colour in the compact is deceiving and is actually lighter underneath the top layer. The compact foundation comes with a handy mirror and sponge to apply with ease in the morning or 'on the go'.

MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Compact Foundation*
What does it say on the tin?
Provides ten-hour wear in a lightweight cream compact, perfectly suited for touch ups on the go. Available in 17 shades, from light to medium to dark. Glides on comfortably, with a natural matte finish and broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection. Provides sheer to medium coverage.

The verdict:
The Pro Longwear foundation was very easy to apply and blend with the sponge provided and gave my skin a medium coverage with a matte finish. The product didn't feel too heavy on my face and my skin felt like it could breath. Although the foundation was a match to my skin once blended, it did go on a 'little orange' which was daunting at first but I was happy with the finish. The foundation lasted well throughout the day, however, not quite as well as other products on the market and it is a little pricey compared to drug store brands that offer the same results. I used this foundation while at a netball festival last weekend and it was ideal to pop in my bag and whip out quickly for a touch up! I also feel this foundation will be ideal in the summer months as it does have a warm glow.

Sunday, 22 June 2014

If I Had A Time Machine...10 Questions For The Future ♥

If I Had A Time Machine...10 Questions For The Future

I always sit, worry and wonder about my life in 20 years time and there are so many questions that spin around in my head that I wish I could answer right now. Sometimes I wish my life away and I am constantly counting down to the next big event of even just until the weekend so I can scream TGIF. I know it is important to 'live for the moment' and 'make the most of every minute' but I am always wondering WHAT IF? It is these what ifs that play on my mind all day. I guess I am a bit of an OCD/anxiety/paranoid monster at times and anyone that knows me well will know that I am often a pessimist and consider myself to be the most unlucky person in the world...when actually deep down I know I am lucky for everything I have. I thought I would share with everyone the 10 questions I wish I could answer if I had a time machine.
1. Will I get married? Everyone spends their whole life trying to find 'the one' and every girl dreams of their perfect white wedding. I hope that one day I will be that princess and I will have my dream wedding full of pink roses and cake. I hope that I will have ALL of my friends and family with me to celebrate and can dance all night long until my feet are sore.
2. Will I have children? This is my biggest source of paranoia....I have almost convinced myself that I cannot have children. I don't know why, but I am almost certain! I hope that one day I will have children and that they will grow up having had an amazing life. Fingers crossed I guess!
3. Will I get cancer? It is heartbreaking to read recent facts and figures surrounding cancer and I have watched so many friends and family go through this devastating illness either themselves of with close relatives. I worry that one day that person might me me, or even worse someone very close to me...until then I will keep donating and support research to find a cure!
4. Where will my career take me? I currently work as a teacher and wonder if I will be a teacher forever! Will I continue to work with children? Will I stay in primary school? Will I expand my skills elsewhere? I hope that I will be happy with my career path and won't regret anything.
5. Will I live in England forever? I would dream to live and work in a different country, even if it is for a short period of time but I have never had the confidence to pack up and leave. I hope that one day I will have that confidence and will start from scratch learning a new culture and way of life.
6. What will I look like in 20 years time? Will I still be blonde? Will I remain tall and thin? Will I embrace my ageing looks?
7. Will I stay close to my childhood friends? There is nothing better than meeting up with my close friends from school or university and over the last 25 years we have all stayed in close contact. I love that even after a long time apart it is like nothing has changed. I love laughing so much that I almost wet myself, reminiscing on old memories and creating new ones. I hope that this will remain the same in 20 years time.
8. Where will my family be in the future? My mum and dad currently live on the Isle of Wight, my childhood home. I wonder if they will move closer and what they will do in their retirement years. I wonder what career path my sister will take. We are so different and it will be great to see how our lives compare and contrast.
9. How long will I live? I am sure this is a question everyone wonders deep down...
10. Will I be happy? Or will I be wishing I had a time machine to take me back...

What questions for you ask? What are your worries, fears, hopes and ambitions for the future?